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The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly called ANZ, is an Australian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is the second largest bank by assets and third largest bank by market capitalisation in Australia.ANZ was established on 1 October 1951, when the Bank of Australasia merged with the Union Bank of Australia Limited.

A disgruntled customer shared in a review: "We have had $40,000 in an access account for 12 months unaware that it was earning NO interest rates. It was only when ONE caring ANZ employee pointed the situation out to us that we were even aware. It's a lousy bank I would not recommend to anyone."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Politically driven work environment Poor leadership Favoritism towards Australian employees Banking policies not suited for banking in the US and Europe Product teams lacked sophistication to successfully execute bespoke or new deal types Unique analysis process that is not typical/transferable to other banks Dated IT infrastructure"

Transaction Banking Director says

"Terribly unprofessional, favor Aussie employees only! Over promise and under deliver."

Current Employee - Senior Personal Banker says

"Constant pressure to deliver. Work politics means career progression is non existent. Mental health concerns were ignored by upper management."

Current Employee - Credit Assessment Officer says

"Cons i have a big list. Don't ever work in Home loan assessment , people here are evil and manager he is the one of most cruel people i have ever come across. After lockdown i am working for like 16 hours daily and i am not even paid for this. People are not support at all here in HLA and work pressure is huge , i have no personal life and job satisfaction level is "zero". ANZ bangalore is spoiling the name of ANZ Australia. Credit managers are rude cuz they think you should know everything , every single policy. They give you unachievable Targets. Writing this after a frustrated day and i am just waiting for this pandemic to get over and I'll leave this company forever."

Current Employee - Associate Consultant says

"Old system and procedures. Doesnt appeal"

Current Employee - Personal Banker says

"Too much pressure and micromanagement. Management do pretty much nothing but create new ways to micromanage and put it in a graph, and if you don't meet their new requirements, your job is at risk. Been working here for 3 years fulltime and its sad to see how many people they let go because they don't reach targets/ KPI's. Mind you, the KPI's are as stupid; the number of customer surveys you receive, hold time, adherence, number of sales, and following a focus sheet of questions to ask - even if the customer doesn't want any products, you are expected to ask uncomfortable questions. Management listen to the calls and put you in a room 1on1 and grill you about it. If you want to work with the most toxic management, and be grilled, pressured and threatened, ANZ is th replace to work. Worst of all, management are using the current Lockdown as a reason to intimidate you into reaching targets, if you don't, they say they'll bring you back to the office. Totally against the law. Been here since 2017 and have seen some great managers who get the boot for people who point the finger and not offer help. Something needs to be done about the mental health of all staff in there. Its shocking."

Former Employee - Credit Assessment Officer says

"They do not give salary as per the job description, extracts maximum work out of you, use your time and efforts according to their convenience and when it comes to your problem there is no one to listen to your problems,your concerns."

Current Employee - Assistant Relationship Manager says

"- untrustworthy: will tell you that you have to get leave balance down to 1 week. Knowing full well they cannot say that. - political: management delivers messages like above due highly political and aggressive management styles. - workload: they say all the right things about work life balance. Then overload everyone to the point of breaking. - culture and values: lots of words. Lacks actions that back it up. - micromanagement."

Current Employee - Student says

"Terrible management that lacks the ability to do the right thing. Bullying and sexual harassment is common"

Current Employee - Nanny says

"Tedious work at all levels; processes make no sense; technology is behind the times. Leaders don't care that their staff work longer hours doing low grade low quality work that we have to do ourselves so the offshore teams don't screw it up. Leaders don't care they are paying people 6 figure salaries to fill in forms all day."

Banking Consultant/Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Very clicky and passive aggressive environment. They kept you back, once the branch was closed, and made excuses not to pay overtime. The particular branch I was in the manager never gave you an opportunity to learn. Expected you to know everything or take it home and study. After that experience I left and vowed never to work for a bank again."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"For someone who was there for 10+ years, they end up treating you awful including belittling, bullying and sexist disadvantage. I would never recommend anyone to work for ANZFlexible work arrangementsSexist Managers"

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"it was very enriching experience to work in experience of all the important products related to finance industry.good colleague,very tailor made training and call centre experience."

Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Managers with false promises and jealousy. I miss my colleagues and the lovely memories we had with each other but unfortunately, fake people made it hard for me to stay back!friendly colleagues, free morning teas, less pay compared to other banks which was not fair considering we were the best bank.Managers with false promises who are selfish and fueled with jealousy."

Customer Service Officer (Former Employee) says

"I felt Anz didn't look after their staff as well. you seem to be just a number and not a valued employer no matter how loyal you were. Was not given the option of continuing with the Bank when the branch closednildidn't look after long term staff"

Senior Enquiries analyst in ANZ bank in Bangalore (Former Employee) says

"Excellent place to work,work life culture tremendously balanced and cultured. As My client was in NewZealand, we had to long in early in the day so that we could eventually match the working hours of our branch office It lead us to learn smallest of the details nd in case of any enquiry it lead to immediately seek question and resolve the issue Team was managed well and work culture was too good Team players was a pleasure to work with as we usually help each other and seek for guidance and help each other, It was a teamwork There never a hard part in the job as there was always a team member to support and team leader was always of a help in each and every stage in all three years of work life Every day was a enjoyable moment at my work place . As it hardly made me take any sort of unwanted leavesRecognition for the best team playernothing"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Manual back office processes with quarterly changes in priority resulting to repeat rework and work arounds. Lack of stability for local talent, strong expat presence in areas they operateStrong expat supportDoes not support local talent development"

Desktop/Server Engineer (Former Employee) says

"go away i dont want to do this. this is rubbish blah blah blah, just using up characters to get around the minimum 150............................................"

customer service officer (Former Employee) says

"no position guidelines training in house and very poor management care only for figures on the board. staff not respected and neither are customers profit was the only thing that mattered. Bullying is rife throughout"

Senior Service Consultant (Rangiora Branch) says

"Was a goodplace to work 10 years ago , now it just looks after share holders not staff. Would never work there again . Management not experienced and rely on older staff then treat them badly so they leave."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"very bad team culture and a huge lack of integrity within the management, that goes for the district managers too. Very immature and gossipy environment, a lot of dishonesty, horrendous pay for retail branch staff. We’re talking 40-50k for 40 hours a week. If you are going to work for ANZ make sure you know someone high up, that’s the only way you’ll get somewhere. Forget promotions based on merit, that’s non existent, it’s all about who your boyfriend is or whose favourite you are. And do not raise a complaint or an issue, it will not be confidential and you’ll be"

Finance Controller -Corporate Finance (Former Employee) says

"The organisation is going through stressed times wherein the senior leaders just resort to hoodwinking each other in the name of cost rationalization within the existing power structure and projecting a " good picture " infront of MD. However the overall scenario from MD's perspective doesn't change ........have a strong tendency to retain sycophancy and doesn't encourage "push back" to onshore stakeholders."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"I had nothing but a stressful experience working at Anz. Staff are trained to force customers to use Atms and internet banking in order to avoid being served in the branch. Unrealistic targets and absolutely no incentive, whilst being abused by management to perform in order for them to keep their jobs.Days off, lunch breaksManagement, understaffed"

Project Delivery Australia Manager (Former Employee) says

"There have been a lot of changes since I left but what was once known as PDA (Project Delivery Australia) was the worst place ever to work in. Self centred leadership who only looked out for themselves or their buddy friends from years gone by is what the area is plagued with. No promotion based on merit or delivery, just who you know and who can vouch for you when the terribly biased ranking / augmentation conversations are held. You can get lucky and have a great manager looking out for you, but you're really hamstrung if the leaders of PDA don't know you and your manager hasn't got a lot of clout. Proceed with caution!"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply for any positions at ANZ - all they want are robots with no personality, no creativity and no feelings. No matter how much you will never be enoughNoneHeartless"

India Head, Institutional Client Administration (Current Employee) says

"the bank is a good place however there is no job security. people can be laid off any time. staff can be laid off anytime since management has no clear strategic goals. though must admit they are good paymastersgood work life balanceno job security and no strategy vision which keeps on changing"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great salary but no performance bonus despite hitting target every year. Pay freeze for 4 years due to merger with RBS. When DBS acquired ANZ, many locals were trenched but not foreign talents. Retrenchment package was significant below market practice."

Client Onboarding Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible experience. The work culture is not inclusive on minorities nor is there any room for growth. In addition. Management is not supportive and there is a tremendous amount of cut-throat in the working environment"

Technical Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to professionally work. We can see north East culture spread out across company. All employee thinks of retiring from this company as they cannot grow. Office Cab facility is goodSalary OK OK, Cab facilityNo Growth"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"ANZ is driven by statistics and costs. If you perform well and get your targets one quarter, it doesn't mean you won't be placed on performance management the next quarter once your targets have been doubled. Management are mostly in Melbourne and have a lack of understanding of local markets (ie have no knowledge of much outside Melbourne). Nor do they ever get on the dance floor and experience reality. Pay is OK but it is not a motivator after a while when you are constantly harassed and bullied as to why you have not fulfilled Melbourne's wishes. Systems are very adhoc, unreliable and outdated. Patched to the hilt and require data entry into multiple systems. Good luck perusing a career here."

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